Listening room

Of course, the correct placement of the speakers in the room is also important, and it is also necessary to dampen unwanted reflections. However, this can be solved by arranging the furniture and adding the right damping accessories. Listening should be pleasant, without resonances and reflections. If there is a lot of bass component, try moving the speakers away from the corners and wall. Ideally, if the distance between the speakers and the listening position is an equilateral triangle.

Audio source

The signal source has the greatest influence on a good result. As a signal source, we recommend a quality turntable or HD audio player. Required HD audio resolution at least 24bit/96khz. We have the best experience with Chesky Records, which are recorded using the “Binaural Recording” method.


A tube amplifier is not necessary. An excellent result can also be achieved with a good quality transistor amplifier. You don’t need very powerful amplifiers for our BLH speakers. The efficiency of the speakers is really several times higher than the multi-way bass reflex box. An amplifier with a power of 20-50 Watts per channel will be enough for optimal listening in the room.

Signal cables

It is good to use adequately good quality signal cables. Some manufacturers sell cables at extremely high prices. But it is not a rule that a more expensive cable is also better … It is best to borrow them, try them and compare them. The basic requirement is OFC copper. We have good experience with OFC cables that have Teflon insulation.

Power cables

All components should be powered from one place by the shortest possible cables. Use shielded power cords to eliminate electromagnetic disturbance.