Comparison of standard multi-way speaker / full range back loaded horn speaker.

Standard multi-way speaker system


  • Fully linear frequency response


  • Phase displacement between low-mid and mid-treble drivers
  • Low sensitivity
  • Low efficiency (approx. 2%)
  • High power amplifier required

Full-range back loaded horn speaker system


  • No phase displacement
  • High sensitivity
  • High efficiency (up to 10x higher than multi-way)
  • Low power amplifier required


  • Not a completely linear frequency response

The main advantage of horn loudspeakers is they are more efficient. They can typically produce approximately 10 times more sound power than a standard multi-way speaker from a given amplifier output. Recently, it has proven to be the best solution to use only one high-sensitivity full-ranger driver in combination with a “back-loaded horn” (BLH) cabinet. It works so that the driver emits high and mid frequencies straight ahead, and the bass frequencies are amplified in a back-loaded baffle. “Back-loaded” means that the acoustic pressure into the baffle is pushed by the back side of the driver’s diaphragm. The right combination of driver and baffle calculation is most important for an excellent result.

The frequency response of the BLH speaker is not completely perfect. However, our ear is more sensitive to the phase shifts of muti-way systems than to the nonlinear frequency response. Phase shifts are manifested by listening fatigue. When listening to speakers with one driver, such weariness does not occur.


With BLH concept, we can achieve truly remarkable sound. The character of the performance remains original. The music sounds really great. The atmosphere of the room where the music was recorded, whether it is a concert hall or a jazz club, is wonderfully reproduced. You will feel as if you were there. You will hear the finest details that you have never heard before on a well-known recording. This is especially appreciated by musicians, because they know very well how the individual instruments should sound.


We prefer natural music reproduction. It allows long and tireless listening pleasure. Voices and instruments are transmitted in natural size and plasticity. The dynamics are particularly remarkable. The instruments are re-created, more natural and dynamic than any other type of speaker.

We can’t describe the sound – you have to experience it…